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Welcome to Mornington Island!

Located in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Mornington Island is a remote island paradise in the state of Queensland, Australia.

Getting There

There are no roads leading to Mornington Island, so the only way to get there is by air or sea. Flights are available from Mount Isa and Cairns, and there are regular ferry services from nearby towns.

Things to Do

Mornington Island is a nature-lover's paradise, with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Some of the top things to do on the island include:

  • Explore the beaches and go swimming, snorkeling, or fishing.
  • Take a guided tour of the local flora and fauna.
  • Visit local art galleries and see the unique artwork created by the indigenous people of the island.
  • Attend one of the island's many cultural events, which often include traditional dances and music.


There are several accommodation options on Mornington Island, ranging from hotels to guest houses. Visitors can also choose to set up camp on one of the island's many beautiful campsites.

Important Information

Before arriving on Mornington Island, visitors should be aware of a few important things:

  • There are limited supplies and services available on the island, so visitors should plan accordingly and bring any necessary items with them.
  • The island is home to a large indigenous community, and visitors are asked to be respectful of their customs and traditions.
  • During the wet season (December to March), some areas of the island may be inaccessible due to flooding.

Visit Mornington Island

Mornington Island is a truly unique travel destination, offering visitors the chance to explore the natural beauty and cultural heritage of one of Queensland's most remote communities.

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