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As a remote island located in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Mornington Island is home to a rich culture and community that proudly celebrate a range of nationally and globally recognised annual events. From vibrant festivals to traditional ceremonies, the island offers a unique opportunity for visitors from around the world to witness and experience its distinctive traditions and customs.

One of the most notable annual events on Mornington Island is the Garma Festival of Traditional Culture, held every year in August. This four-day festival brings together Indigenous communities from across Australia to celebrate their ancient traditions through music, dance, storytelling, and art. Visitors can participate in workshops, attend cultural forums, and even witness the highly anticipated bunggul - an energetic dance performed by local men.

Another significant event held on Mornington Island is the Naidoc Week celebrations, which take place every July. This week-long event honours the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and includes activities such as flag-raising ceremonies, traditional dance performances, and local art exhibitions. Visitors can also attend the popular corroboree night, where local men perform ceremonial dances accompanied by traditional music.

The Mornington Island Rodeo is another popular annual event that draws crowds from across the region. Held every September, this rodeo features a range of traditional events such as bull riding, barrel racing, and steer wrestling. Visitors can also enjoy live music, local food stalls, and traditional craft markets during the festivities.

In addition to these major events, Mornington Island is also home to a number of smaller cultural celebrations that are just as significant to the local community. For example, the Islander Day celebrations, held every June, is a day when locals honour their Torres Strait Islander heritage through traditional dance and music performances. And the annual turtle-hatching season, which runs from August to November, allows visitors to witness the natural wonder of baby turtles hatching from their eggs and making their way to the ocean.

Finally, Christmas and Easter are also celebrated on Mornington Island with traditional ceremonies and festive events such as carol singing, gift exchanges, and community feasts. These holidays provide an opportunity for locals and visitors alike to come together and enjoy the spirit of community and togetherness that is so important to the island’s culture.

Mornington Island in Queensland, Australia is home to a range of nationally and globally recognised annual events that celebrate its unique culture, traditions and customs. From the Garma Festival of Traditional Culture to the Mornington Island Rodeo, visitors to the island can witness and participate in a range of festivities that showcase the island’s rich history and community spirit. Whether attending a large-scale festival or participating in a smaller local celebration, visitors to Mornington Island are sure to be engaged and inspired by the island's unique identity and culture.

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